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Simpleprom's philosophy is that simplicity is beauty, helping everyone find their own fashion. Through the simple tailoring design, the female beauty is combined with the dress to show the elegant and agile temperament of women, so that girls can learn to be simple and comfortable life, learn to use beautiful clothes to please themselves, and learn to find a own style.

Simplepromdresss meets the requirements of customers wholeheartedly with high-quality products, perfect service, simple concept and wholeheartedness. We'll be happy to help with everything we can satisfying your life is the service tenet of simplepromdress.

Simplepromdresss select the best high-quality fabrics to provide customers with comfortable and satisfactory dresses. Providing customers with high-quality dresses is our goal and the direction we are constantly striving for.

Dresses fabrics are selected by our purchasers according to product . In order to ensure comfortable wearing, our purchasers will select high-quality fabrics and then hand them over to professional tailors for production. The tailors will cut according to your size, When the dresses are made, we will check them to ensure that these dresses are correct, and then dresses will be shipped.

Simplepromdresss is willing to make progress hand in hand with you, your suggestions are a valuable asset for us and the driving force for our continuous development, You can find us through the “Contcat US” section in the Simplepromdress Help Center or you can send to simplepromdress@outlook.com